Physical Education

Making healthy kids for life

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Mrs. Shelley Bragg – Physical Education

Physical Education is taught at Elm Street on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The objective is to create a P.E. class that teaches problem solving skills, enhances well-being, and positively links sportsmanship, teamwork and health into an enjoyable, prosperous lifestyle. Mastering fundamental movements and developing higher level skills involved in physical education will transfer into other life capacities. Strategy, technique, patience, hard work, persistence and higher moral standards are just a few of the traits students will acquire throughout our classes.

At Elm Street we truly believe all students are capable of achieving high levels of success. Instruction in a safe, enjoyable atmosphere along with easy to understand progression will lead to elevated student achievement. Checking for understanding and skill comprehension is also important for development of basic and fine motor skills through evaluation. Most importantly, the students will enjoy being physically active participating in physical education which will serve as a foundation for an enduring and healthy lifestyle.