Mrs. Neal - Music Teacher

Mrs. Neal – Music Teacher

Junior Chorus   3rd – 5th grade students are invited to join the Junior Chorus. This chorus practices every week and performs at the Veteran’s Supper, Christmas Program, and Spring Music Concert.

Elective Choir  6th – 8th grade students are given the option of joining an Elective Choir that meets weekly. The choir performs at the Veteran’s Supper, Christmas Program, & Spring Music Concert.

Instrumental Lessons  4th – 8th grade students are encouraged to start playing an instrument.  Piano lessons will be offered and scheduled during the regular school day.  In addition, Ukulele lessons may be offered, as well. Students participate in a short performance at the Christmas Program, Spring Music Concert, and a Spring Music Recital.

General Music Instruction  Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade meet weekly for music class.  The upper end students (6th – 8th grades) meet 3 days a week for one trimester each.  7th grade meets the first trimester, 6th grade meets the 2nd trimester, & 8th grade meets the 3rd trimester.