Middle School (6-8)

Every student, connected, every day

At Elm Street, we consider our middle school to consist of grades 6, 7 and 8. In preparation for high school, our students begin rotating classes by subject. We provide support as students make this sometimes tumultuous journey from dependence to independence. We continue through the common core, while at the same time, begin preparation for specialized classes, encourage greater community involvement, and foster self expression. While continuing to offer the same nurturing environment that families value in the lower end, we also provide students with more academic challenges such as algebra classes and writing workshops. We ask students to take an active role in their own education as we help set the foundation to become life-long learners. Curiosity, strong organization, critical thinking, respect for others, and open mindedness are all vital parts of our middle school experience.

Grade 6 with Mrs. Lauren Sprague

Grade 7 – Mrs. Lauren Sprague

Math Teacher Lauren Sprague
In the middle school math classes at Elm Street School students use technology, manipulatives, problem solving, and real-world applications to prepare for living in an ever-changing society. Our curriculum is challenging and relevant, helping students to think critically and solve problems independently. We strive to meet the needs of each student, understanding that challenging math concepts are grasped at different rates and through different learning styles. Students in sixth and seventh grade are allowed to transition into various groups and move at different rates through the curriculum. In eighth grade, students may take either eighth grade math or Algebra 1. Students apply their math skills in real world applications like designing a dream bedroom or recreational facility using proportions and scale factors.

Grade 8 with Mr. Doug Mugford

Grade 8 – Mr. Doug Mugford

Science Teacher Doug Mugford
At Elm Street’s science classes, the focus is on hands-on-learning with a solid foundation of scientific knowledge. Experiments, demonstrations and projects are a major component of the science curriculum while guided by the national standards. In 6th grade, for example, we study sound and light by making our own instruments and by bouncing lasers off mirrors. In grade 7 we study physical science with the designing, building and programming of robots to do a specific task. Atomic Theory is studied in 8th grade with the “Atomic Hats” and body structures with frog dissections. Astronomy, Earth science, and Environmental science are other topics that are covered during the year. The goal is to have all science students fully prepared to tackle the rigors of High School science programs and to succeed as young adults.

Grade 6 – Mrs. Theresa Farnsworth

Social Studies Teacher Theresa Farnsworth
Within a structured classroom, Elm Street School maintains an environment where students are free to be who they are while respectfully putting forth their best efforts in behavior, work and studies. Through personal interaction, we study each student’s learning style and adapt methods of teaching to meet individual needs. Our goal is for students to become independent thinkers, inquisitive learners, and responsible citizens. Sixth grade studies ancient civilizations, cultures and geography. Seventh grade studies early U.S. History, Geography, Civics and Government. Eighth grade studies U.S. History from Restoration to the Present, Geography and Maine History. All classes demonstrate their learning through 2-D and 3-D projects, electronic presentations, discussions, formal writing, speeches, poems, re-enactments, physical movement, games, tests and quizzes.