Elementary (1-5)

Building success

Our goal in the elementary learning years is for each child to meet the Essential Common Core Standards in Language Arts and Math, as well as, the Maine Learning results in Science and Technology, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

Grade 1 - Mrs. Kathie Ramsdell

Grade 1 – Mrs. Kathie Ramsdell

First Grade, Teacher Kathie Ramsdell
First Grade is a building year. Students put sounds                      together to form words, words together to form sentences,          sentences together to form stories and thus begin their                journey to reading. They put numbers together to add and           subtract. They put concepts together to widen their view of society and science. Some of the building “blocks” include units on insects, animals, maps, nutrition, and the human body.



Grade 2 - Mrs. Renee Gardner

Grade 2 – Mrs. Renee Gardner

Second Grade, Teacher Renee Gardner
In second grade, each student will be provided with a number of learning opportunities designed especially to develop the “whole child”, with a special emphasis on combining character education with academics. Second graders will be challenged by a variety of experiences to complement their individual learning styles. We enjoy independent, group, and family projects each year emphasizing the importance of students taking an active part in their own learning process. One favorite is the Flat Stanley adventure which incorporates many of our educational objectives for the year.

Grade 3 - Keith Auld

Grade 3 – Mr. Keith Auld

Third Grade, Teacher Keith Auld
Upon entering grade 3, students will be engaged in a number of activities.  During reading class, students will be reading a variety of genres from different source material.  We also compare certain movies with the books that inspire them.  In math class, we work on the basics:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  We often use games, real life situations, and speed tests to engage the student.  Social Studies allows us to learn about the 50 states and certain important historical events that helped shape our great nation.  And finally, science which teaches us about the world around us.  During Life Science, we learn and then create projects on endangered species.  Next, in Earth Science we learn and build volcanoes and finally with Physical Science we learn and then blast off rockets made from soda bottles.  But above all else, grade 3 learns and lives the acronym T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More). 

Grade 4 with Mrs. Karen Fullmer

Grade 4 – Mrs. Karen Fullmer

Fourth Grade, Teacher Karen Fullmer
Fourth grade is an exciting and pivotal year. While fourth grade students progress through the core curriculum, special units create cross-curricular platforms to support their new learning. Students will be introduced to such topics as American Government, Greek Mythology, the Titanic, and Rocks and Minerals. Their math curriculum will help develop a solid foundation in basic computation and problem solving using real-life applications. A State of Maine unit culminates with a trip to visit the Maine State Museum and State House as well as the annual Maine State Quiz Bowl.

Grade 5 – Mrs. Erica Perkins

Fifth Grade, Teacher Erica Perkins
Welcome to 5th grade, the last stop before middle school. As preparation for 6th grade, we teach students to be critical thinkers and self reliant learners. Your children will become historians as they study Native American History, Twentieth Century Wars and the Holocaust. As marvelous mathematicians they will study geometry, place value, and the interrelationship of fractions, decimals, and percents. The scientific method is used to discover life in pond water, explore erupting volcanoes, and learn about elements, compounds, mixtures and their properties. In Reading/Language Arts they will continue to develop their reading and writing skills as we journey through Houghton Mifflin’s six Reading themes and writing workshops.